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Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups

Artwork by Cathleen Perkins

The Queen of Cups is rich in the attributes of this suit. She is emotionally available, sharing and giving love and inspiration, either through family or through creative endeavors.

This card represents the interaction of imagination and action to create a balance within relationships, work environments and tasks, including simple everyday activities. Strong potential exists to use imagination to be able to predict the outcome of actions, aiding correct decision-making ability.

The Queen of Cups is shown drinking from the cup of emotions, yet they do not overcome her. Water flows behind her, showing her emotional vulnerability. Her artistic and creative nature is revealed through the paintbrushes sitting beside her.

The negative side of this card might be letting too many emotions through, clouding judgement, or living one's life through their imagination and not living up to their potential in the material world.

In the movie The Piano, a Queen of Cups character, Ada, lives in a dream world of deep dark emotion and passion, and her voice and very soul are expressed beautifully when she lets herself be swept away while playing the piano.

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