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Four of Cups

Four of Cups

Artwork by Teesha Moore

There is dissatisfaction and boredom arising from a relationship. The stability of a mature relationship is not as challenging and stimulating as a new relationship. However, it is just this stability that allows you to grow in other areas of your life and affords change in other ways.

Perhaps it is a time to take stock of your relationship and appreciate what you do have. Dwelling in the negative can never make positive changes in one's life.

The figures in this card sit within the four cups. They are "full of themselves," selfish in consideration of their own needs and wants, bored of the task of keeping up their relationships, neglecting the needs of their loved one in apathy.

The opposite of this card is a positive outlook, new opportunities and achieving a new outlook on an old view.

American Beauty is a movie that deals with dissatisfaction in relationships. Dangerous Liaisons is another.

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