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Three of Cups

Three of Cups

Artwork by Tracy Moore

There is a joining of two to produce three. The bloom of love has produced rewards, the fruit of the love between two people. This can be an engagement, a wedding, the birth of a child, or more simply perhaps an anniversary. A full circle has come about in a relationship and has produced an event to celebrate. There is an overflowing of emotional rewards, a rich sharing of the happiness that an emotional attachment has brought.

Although this is a time of rejoicing, one must be aware that continued work must be addressed to continue the relationship, and it must be tended just as any rose bush or garden to bring the rewards of flowers and fruit.

Although a solemn harbinger of happiness, the figure on the card, with his staff of three, shows by the joining of two comes the third event to celebrate. The bright colors also signify rejoicing and happiness of the moment, how love brings out the best in us.

The negative aspect of this card might be the loss of a friendship, the breakdown of a relationship or disappointment from unfulfilled expectations within a love affair.

Movies that relate to this card would be Father of the Bride, Father of the Bride II and She's Having a Baby.

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