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Two of Cups

Two of Cups

Artwork by Sandra McCall

A relationship ripens and blooms. This is a time for sharing and enjoying companionship. Where the Ace of Cups indicated the potential for a relationship, with the Two of Cups, the promise has ripened into exploration and discovery. This is the crush stage, the giddy beginnings of a relationship. This might be the start of a platonic friendship, or with stronger roots possibly leading to a love affair.

The card shows roses in full bloom, symbolizing the rich potential of the relationship and a cherub holding two cups, flying over the net which symbolizes the net of love to catch us when we fall.

On the negative side, this card can represent the end of a relationship, a lack of trust between two individuals. Or it could be fear of taking the risk that a new relationship brings to you. You see there is no net on the reverse side of the card; the position is insecure. This can also mean saying one thing and doing another, not being true. One half of a committed relationship can never make a whole, no matter what sacrifices are made.

The movie Goodbye Girl begins with a couple dancing around each other, testing the waters of compatibility. The movies Say Anything and The Sure Thing also deal with the beginning of a relationship between two people.

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