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King of Coins

King of Coins

Artwork by Tracy Moore

The King of Coins is a hard-working individual with a strong business acumen, successful in his chosen field, who has a stable financial base allowing him to enjoy his life. He is in touch with nature as well as with a business and family life. This individual has the dedication and positive energy to accomplish success in the material world.

The King of Coins can also represent an achieved success in the financial arena through hard work in your own life. Also attention to attributes of courage in the face of adversity, perseverance and ambition are noted by this card.

This card is portrayed as a somber man holding a wand of power. He is wise and generous with his subjects and is well-grounded to avoid the abuse of power. His success is evident in his bearing and his vestments. The five points of his crown symbolize the human condition that the Coins represent.

A dedicated and successful individual with a strong work ethic, in touch with nature and his own humanity will come into your life, or you will develop these qualities yourself.

The main character, Oscar Schindler, in the movie Schindler's List who saved over 1,000 Jews from the Holocaust while plotting to protect his own financial profits is a powerful depiction of the King of Coins.

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