Monkeys On LSD
Sidney Malitz: "In the film which I will now show, there are two monkeys (Macacus rhesus) who have been receiving daily subcutaneous injections of LSD, starting with 1 µg./kg. and gradually working up to very high doses. In the first scene, one animal had received 240 µg./kg. and the other 140 µg./kg. ... The equivalent of the maximum dose of LSD these animals received, in a man weighing 70 kg., would be 16,800 µg. and 9,800 µg. respectively; these are massive doses [ . . . ]

In the next scene, 20 minutes later, one of the monkeys is down, and the other one, though lying on top of him, isn't quite out yet [ . . . ] This experiment has been repeated many times. They will be sacrificed some time in the near future, and their brains examined."

Please Note: Personally, I think that it was those who conducted such cruel experiments as these who should be "...sacrificed some time in the near future, and their brains examined" -- RK

edited by Harold A. Abramson, M.D.
Madison, NJ: Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation, 1960
(pp. 104-106)