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Quick FAQ

In response to incessant inquiries that I get — or, rather, used to get — here's a quick Q&A for y'all...

Q. Do you have any blotter art for sale?
A. Nope, sorry.

Q. Do you have any acid or 'shrooms (and/or whatever else) for sale?
A. Definitely nope.

Q. Do you want to buy some acid or 'shrooms (and/or whatever else)?
A. Again, nope. I lost interest in doing that sort of thing a long, long time ago (although I still keep up on the research/literature). As one psychedelic aficionado put it: "When you get the message, you hang up the phone". ;‑)

Q. How do you make blotter art?
A. Um, with paper and ink — seriously, how would you make it? ;‑)

Q. Where can I get some blotter art for my collection?
A. Try these sites (all links open in a new window):

Apart from private sellers (and your web search would be as good as mine in that regard, of course), my only other suggestion might be to check with eBay from time to time.

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